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Novel and tailor-made excursions of Venice

  Play in Venice
a treasure hunt (min 10 pax) designed to discover
the city and its most suggestive spots.
  Secret itineraries of the Palazzo Ducale
the palace is the traditional symbol of Serenissima and together
we will unravel its most well hidden secrets
  Venus in Venice
a guided tour which will reveal the city’s most romantic spots.
To conclude a trip in a gondola with serenade.
  Bacaro Tour
strolling along the canals getting into the swing of Venetian life, occasionally
wandering off the beaten track to discover fabulous hidden corners and
typical inns known locally as “bacari” where we will taste traditional delicacies
accompanied by a glass of the local drink Spritz.
  Hemingway’s Laguna
a visit to Caorle, a picturesque fishing village along the lines of the traditional
Venetian model with canals and pastel shades, one of the oldest ports
commonly used during the Roman rule by merchant ships. A boat tour to
visit Hemingway’s much loved “casoni” typical fisherman’s dwellings.
  Between laguna and sea
we will reach Chioggia by boat, this delightful sea town also known as the
Small Venice, in order the second city of the Serenissima Republic.
A stop at the renowned fish market and a stroll along the canals where
the traditional fishing boats are moored. We will pass by the “Murassi”
a barrier built in 1763 using sea slabs to protect the coast.

For other itineraries dedicated to individuals or groups contact venezia@oasihandling.com, ph. +39 041 2605055-56

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