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The vital importance of protecting the environment.

Several years ago Oasi decided to invest in an olive farm located in the Sardinian province of Oristano: a densely populated olive grove of ancient trees which produce extra virgin olive oil by means of biological agriculture and in full respect of the European regulations CE 2092/91 that certifies and checks each phase of the production.

This method permits to cultivate whilst maintaining the earth fertile without the administration of chemical products or the application of OGM methods, by simply using organic materials and natural minerals through the rotation system (for the prevention of parasites, disease and weeds) .

Extra virgin olive oil is the most easily digested of all edible fats, containing an extraordinarily high quantity of poly-unsaturated essential fats and the maximum quantity of oleic acid, considered an essential element for human consumption. On top of which extra virgin olive oil is rich in anti-oxidants and hence reduces ageing, it is cholesterol free and has anti-thrombosis properties all precious for good health.

The result? An extra virgin olive oil with a very low acid level and a flavour which has a mild hint of artichoke.

The oil produced is of a limited quantity and is distributed to restaurants and caterers in the medium high category.
To know more write to olio@oasibio.com

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